Tips on Landing a Search Engine Marketing Job

How to Obtain a Search Engine Marketing Job in San Diego, CA

Marketing jobs are increasingly in demand today thanks to the growing need for ongoing engagement with target audiences. If your specialty is SEO and other aspects of search engine marketing (SEM), you’ll likely face plenty of competition. San Diego search engine marketing experts at Saba SEO share a few tips on increasing your odds of obtaining an SEM job that’s right for you.

Use SEO Tactics to Market Yourself

Display your SEO abilities by marketing yourself online. Whether you want to create an entire website devoted to your skills or use blogs and social media posts as your platform, infuse your content with appropriate keywords, images, and links to attract the attention of potential employers. For instance, if you’re looking for a job in a specific geographic location, you may use terms like “San Diego SEO professional” or “hire a reliable San Diego SEO expert” in your content.

Create Your Own Ad Campaign

Another tactic to get noticed by a potential employer is to create your own Google ad. Creating an online ad allows you to display your skills with paid advertising, keyword research, market and audience analysis, and stat tracking.

Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

Do your research and create your own mailing list of potential employers. Obviously, you don’t want to bombard them with your inquiries, but it can be a clever way to highlight your best selling points. Make your attachments a copy of your résumé and some examples of your work.

Connect Socially with Potential Employers

Try to show a genuine interest in somebody you want to work for by seeking them out socially. Don’t constantly leave posts about your desire to secure a position. However, you can still gather info on how they’re engaging with their audience and how they present themselves socially online. The added knowledge can be used if you manage to land an interview with an employer you’re following. Connecting socially also allows you to:

  • Contribute to conversations on their social pages
  • Include a link back to your own blog or website
  • Get an idea of what they’re looking for in new hires (especially on their LinkedIn pages)

Further increase your odds of obtaining a search engine marketing job by keeping your résumé updated and including examples of your previous SEO efforts, especially with content. Place emphasis on anything that shows an understanding of newer SEO trends to appeal to employers looking for someone with such knowledge.

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