4 Tips for Making Sure Your Mobile App Is Successful

How to Make Sure Your Mobile App Is Successful in San Diego, CA

People have a lot of choices when it comes to mobile apps today, which is part of the reason anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of the mobile applications found in app stores are abandoned by users after just one use. Today, the professionals from Saba SEO—the experts in Internet marketing San Diego companies have trusted for more than a decade—are going to put the spotlight on four ways you can boost your odds of enjoying outstanding mobile app success.

1. Be All About the User Experience

User experience (UX) should be front and center when it comes to creating a mobile app. After all, you want people to be impressed enough with your app to keep using it—and maybe even spread the word about it to others. Top-notch UX typically means:

• Having a simple, straightforward user interface
• Showing some restraint regarding how many features you include
• Including as many native components as possible to increase device compatibility

2. Make Sure You Have an Awesome Search Feature

The average attention span these days is somewhere around 5 seconds, so if you want users to remain engaged with your mobile app, make navigation as easy as possible. Having a prominent user-friendly search feature is especially essential if you have a more complex app.

3. Offer Easily Accessible Customer Support

Many mobile app developers make the mistake of thinking all they need is an all-encompassing FAQ page to take care of commonly asked questions users might have. But users tend to have more unique questions based on their own experiences with an app, so you’ll be better off if you include a customer support feature in your app.

4. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Testing

If you don’t want to have an app that’s forgotten about after the first use, don’t skimp on testing. Quality assurance is important when it comes to the nuts and bolts of your mobile application, but also consider things like:

• What your app actually looks like from the user’s point of view
• How easy it is to use
• Whether you can hold back on certain features until users get accustomed to the main ones

For top-notch advice on creating a successful mobile app for your business, call on the knowledgeable professionals at Saba SEO, a premier digital marketing, web design, and SEO company in San Diego. We’ve worked with businesses around the world to develop state-of-the-art mobile apps, websites, social media campaigns, and SEO strategies. For expert advice on boosting the revenue-generating potential of your mobile app, call one of our specialists today at 858-277-1717.