How to Spot an SEO Phony

How to Identify an SEO Fraud in San Diego, CA

There’s no denying the importance of a prime placement on Google’s search engine results pages, given that over 3 billion searches are performed each day. If you need help optimizing your content to appeal to some of those searchers, there are plenty of reputable SEO agencies in San Diego who can help. However, there are also some shady ones. Here’s how you can spot an SEO phony.

Guarantees of First Place Placement

Even with the right combination of paid and organic search, there’s no way to “guarantee” a first place spot on search engines. It should be an instant red flag if you get any promises of immediate results.

Use of Rapid Link Building Techniques

You may see a spike in your rankings when different links point back to your site. If these external links aren’t from reputable sites, you’ll be penalized. It takes time to generate quality links.

Little or No Online Presence

It’s highly unusual for reputable SEO experts or agencies to not have an easily accessible website. It’s also odd if they have little or no client reviews and comments or social media activity.

Detailed SEO Questions Can’t Be Answered

Most SEO phonies only have a basic understanding of what it takes to maintain online visibility. If you can’t get clear answers to more detailed SEO questions, it’s not worth your time, effort, or money to continue the conversation.

They Initiate Contact

Very few SEO pros will actively contact potential clients out of the blue, especially with mass emails. Also be wary of emails that state your online reputation is bad or your online rank has fallen. No real agency is going to do this kind of research for someone who hasn’t actually contacted them.

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