3 Tips on Improving Facebook Ad Targeting

Tips to Improve Facebook Ad Targeting in San Diego, CA

Facebook ads are a great way to attract customers, but it’s important to be aware of who your audience is, why they view your ads, and how likely they are to become customers. Here are three ways you can improve your Facebook ad targeting, brought to you by San Diego SEO marketing experts.

1. Discover Where Your Ad Viewers Work with Leadfeeder

Facebook Analytics provides some great information, but it doesn’t tell you everything. Leadfeeder will show you the employers of the people who visit your site through your Facebook ads and tell you how qualified your ad audience is. Using the Leadfeeder tool can help you determine if your Facebook ads are targeting people who will actually become customers.

Leadfeeder offers a free trial, and you can purchase a plan for $59 per month. Once you sign up for the service, you can filter it so you only see leads from your Facebook ad campaign.

2. Analyze User Behavior with Crazy Egg

Scroll depth measurement is a great way to see how much content a viewer consumes after clicking on your Facebook ad. You may discover that most of your viewers click away at a particular point on the page, and you can break up the content at that point to make it more interesting. You can also use the information to determine where you should place your call to action so most of your viewers will see it before they leave the page.

Crazy Egg offers a scroll depth measurement tool, and plans start at only $9 per month. They also offer a 30-day free trial.

3. Determine Customer Lifetime Value

The customer lifetime value formula considers the average order value, the number of repeat sales, and the average retention time. Calculating the customer lifetime value is an effective way to determine which of your Facebook ad viewers are the most valuable.

Facebook Analytics doesn’t track customer lifetime value, but Salesforce, Hubspot, and other CRM software do. When you discover which groups have the highest customer lifetime value, you can target your ads to those groups.

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