Smart Ways to Boost Sales by Optimizing PPC Ads

How to Boost Sales by Optimizing PPC Ads in San Diego, CA

A common PPC goal is to boost sales with various paid ad campaigns. This is an entirely achievable goal if you use the right strategies to optimize your ads and make them more appealing to your target audience. The experienced professionals from Saba SEO, the trusted experts in Internet marketing, PPC, and SEO San Diego businesses rely on to amplify their brands and increase sales, offer these revenue-boosting strategies for your consideration.

Put Together a Smart Keyword Mix

Keywords are the heart of any PPC campaign. If generating more sales is your goal, you’ll be better off with a smart keyword mix that includes:

• Keywords with a higher search volume
• Negative keywords to eliminate terms you don’t want your ads associated with
• Less competitive and costly keyword variations that are still effective

Present User-Friendly Landing Pages

Revenue-generating PPC ads are ones with relevant, user-friendly landing pages. With revenue generation as your primary goal, target potential buyers ready to take the desired action. Because it’s typically a landing page linked to a PPC ad that results in conversions, you’ll need a user-friendly landing page that includes:

• No distractions that give visitors a reason to leave the page
• A safe and easy way to make a purchase
• Direct, compelling content that further encourages the completion of a sale

Include Inspiring Calls to Action (CTAs)

“Download now,” “subscribe today,” “get a free quote,” and “click here” are just some of the many sales-related CTA options that tend to increase conversions. Also, with CTAs, stick to one main goal and purpose for each campaign.

Utilize Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are extra blurbs of text that complement PPC ads and give searchers an added incentive to click and convert. Sale-inspiring extensions can include:

• Site links
• Customer reviews
• Customer ratings

Fine-Tune Your Ad Copy

With sales-driven PPC ads, you’ll do better with ad copy that supports your preferred CTA. Further inspire clicks and conversions with content in your ads that includes:

• Clear, direct headlines
• Compelling facts or stats related to the featured product/service
• Emotional triggers (if appropriate)

Finally, consider a remarketing strategy. It’s fairly common for PPC ads to initially have high bounce rates. However, you could turn failed conversions into actual conversions with PPC campaigns that specifically target people who’ve already clicked on your link or checked out your site.

PPC is useful for more than generating clicks and conversions. It can play a key role in strengthening your brand and building customer relationships that last. As one of the most trusted marketing companies in San Diego, Saba SEO can analyze your target market and create a comprehensive paid marketing campaign to boost your online visibility. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail will ensure your campaign resonates well with your audience and results in more clicks for your business. To learn about our high-quality PPC services, give us a call at 858-277-1717 to talk to one of our specialists.