7 Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Ad Campaigns

How Retargeting Ads can Help your Business in San Diego, CA

San Diego search engine marketing experts and digital marketers all over the world believe retargeting is a great way to convert more site visitors into customers. Here are seven tips for creating a successful retargeting ad campaign.

1. Separate Your Campaigns for New and Retargeting Audiences

It’s difficult to tell how successful your ad is if you target new and retargeting audiences simultaneously. Instead, create two separate ad campaigns for the two groups.

2. Use Standard Naming Conventions

Using standard naming conventions can help you easily identify which ad group you’re looking at. It also allows you to sort through your data with filters to see results for your different campaigns.

3. Use Different Ad Groups for Different Audiences

If your naming conventions specify different retargeting audiences, such as blog visitors, site visitors, and email lists, you can use different ad groups to target each audience. Using different ad groups may lower your costs and make your ads more effective.

4. Don’t Target Underperforming Audiences

After a few weeks or months with your current retargeting campaign, determine your cost per acquisition for each group. If one is much higher than the rest, it might be best to stop targeting them altogether.

5. Focus on Click-Through Conversions

A view-through conversion refers to a visitor who saw the ad and didn’t click on it but visited your site and converted to a customer anyway. Click-through conversions are visitors who clicked your ad and converted. Both are valuable, but click-through conversions are stronger proof that the ad campaign is working.

6. Make Adjustments to Your Retargeting Expenditure

To increase conversions, create a chart that shows how your conversions and cost per acquisition change over time.

7. Find a Balance Between New Prospect Acquisition and Retargeting

Although retargeting is an effective way to increase conversions, spending too much of your money on retargeting may result in repeatedly serving the same ads to the same audiences. Try moving some money around between retargeting and new customer acquisition to increase your number of new prospects.

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