Strategy Tips for Voice Search Optimization in the New Year

Tips for Voice Search Optimization in the New Year in San Diego, CA

2020 could very well be the year of voice search, at least according to predictions suggesting more than half of all online search activity will be voice related by the time 2021 arrives. If you’re not fully prepared for a voice search world yet, the experienced pros from Saba SEO—industry-leading providers of San Diego web design and SEO services—offer some of the top ways you can achieve this goal.

Produce Snippet-Worthy Content

According to one estimate, approximately 40 percent of voice search results already come from featured snippets. These are relevant pieces of content Google pulls from reliable sources to display on search engine results pages. Boost your odds of having snippet-worthy content for voice search answers in 2020 with:

• Short, concise paragraphs
• Content that answers common questions related to your business or what you offer
• Relevant bulleted or numbered lists

Optimize Your NAP Info

Most voice queries are location based, so the last thing you want is searchers receiving incorrect name, address, and phone number (NAP) info about your business. Make sure your business info is consistently and accurately listed anywhere it appears online.

Optimize for Mobile

Most voice searches are done on mobile devices, so a mobile-optimized website is essential for 2020. Making your website responsive is a smart way to ensure your site’s content is viewable on any screen.

Make the Right Content Adjustments

Well-optimized voice search content is more conversational in nature. For this reason, content with groups of related (long-tail) keywords tends to perform better for voice searches. And don’t forget structured schema data markup, since this is what allows voice search devices to gather information from your content.

To determine where you stand with voice search optimization for 2020, it’s easy to simply test it yourself. Grab any device with voice search capability and use it to ask questions related to your business. See what comes up and, more importantly, whether any of your content is being pulled to provide answers. Also, look at how your competitors’ content is ranking for the same voice search results.

If you need help improving your voice search strategy, reach out to Saba SEO, a premier digital marketing, social media management, and SEO company San Diego businesses rely on for expertise in a wide variety of issues related to SEO. To learn more, call us today at 858-277-1717 to schedule an appointment.