Simple Tips for Improving the Performance of Your About Page

Improving the Performance of Your About Page in San Diego, CA

The way you prepare a page on your website for optimal viewing and performance will depend on its purpose. With an “about” page, visitors are looking to learn more about your business, not just what you have to offer. Keep this in mind as you go about creating a better-performing about page. Here are some easy tips to help you out, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a leading digital marketing and web design company in San Diego.

Highlight What Makes Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd

Most visitors going to your about page are looking for a reason to choose you over competitors offering similar products or services. Prepare the content on this page in a way that clearly spells out what makes you unique. Do this by:

• Telling a compelling company story
• Mentioning anything that’s unique about your business in terms of what you do or how you do it
• Highlighting your approach to customer service
• Establishing trust by mentioning any unique awards or certifications your business has earned

Use Appropriate Keywords, but Don’t Overdo It

Use results from your keyword research to determine which ones to focus on for your about page content. Just keep in mind that you’re writing for real people, so use your main keywords in a way that’s natural and relevant. The last thing you want to do is distract or annoy someone looking to learn more about your business with awkward keywords.

Pay Attention to Readability

An about page shouldn’t be a wall of text. Format the page in a way that makes it easy for visitors to quickly get a good idea of what your business is about, which means including:

• Short, descriptive subheads
• Brief paragraphs
• Bullet or numeric lists to break up text
• Quotes from testimonials or reviews placed in a way that makes them easy to spot

Lastly, use appropriate structured data or schema markup. This is a type of technical SEO that helps search engines better understand your about page. SiteNavigationElement markup is what’s normally recommended for an about page. What it does is help your page show up in site links when someone looks for your brand or business online.

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