How to Create Remarkable Offers and Increase Your Conversion Rates

Ways to Create Remarkable Offers and Increase Conversion Rates in San Diego, CA

Making people an offer they can’t refuse isn’t simple, but it’s definitely beneficial for business. When offers involving discounts, special savings, coupon codes, and other benefits are effectively presented to your intended audience, the results can include increased brand engagement and more conversions. Experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO provider, share a few tips on how to create amazing offers that could potentially increase your conversion rates.

Know What Matters Most to Your Audience

Before considering any remarkable offer, it is important to understand how your readers interact with your brand and what motivates them. Google Analytics can tell you how long people are staying on your website, what specific pages they’re visiting, how they’re finding your site, and what actions they’re taking. Further tap into your audience’s interests by:

  • Using BuzzSumo to identify popular search topics and social shares you may be able to work into some of your content
  • Determining what keywords people are using to find what you’re offering with Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner
  • Seeing what comments are being left on your social pages, blogs, and online review sites to identify what matters most to your audience

Use Your Insights to Determine the Right Platforms/Media to Present Offers

After you know how searchers are interacting with your brand, present offers on media platforms where your audience is most active. For instance, if most customers are visiting you on Facebook, use your posts to announce your offers. Video content that includes an offer inserted in the middle or at the end could further engage your audience. Email campaigns with carefully researched lists can be especially effective for sending offers.

Cross-Promote Your Offers

Sell your offer by making people aware of it across multiple platforms. Many consumers interact with a brand in different ways such as checking out products on Facebook and completing a conversion later after visiting the website or reading blog posts. Some ways you may be able to amplify your offer include:

  • Putting your offer front and center on your homepage
  • Mentioning your offer in a guest blog post
  • Using timed social media posts to present your offer when your audience is most active or when you’re likely to get a better response (e.g. pizza discounts sent on Fridays)
  • Using your own blog to offer content upgrades to capture email info you can use to send out additional offers

At Saba SEO, our social media marketing team can help you engage with your target audience on a group as well as an individual basis. Regardless of how you intend to present offers, we can track results to see what’s generating interest and leading to conversions. Our goal is to offer reliable and result-oriented marketing services to help you connect with your audience, increase website traffic, boost conversions, and eventually increase your search ranking. For high-quality San Diego PPC services, social media marketing plans, online reputation management, and other digital marketing plans, get in touch with us at 858-951-1717.