Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Calendar

How to Create an Effective Social Media Calendar in San Diego, CA

Your organization needs a social media content calendar because it will allow you to plan for special events and rollouts and focus on your customers. Here are seven tips for creating a social media content calendar, brought to you by Saba SEO, an innovative digital marketing firm specializing in SEO, social media, and web design. San Diego business owners can take full advantage of a wide variety of marketing channels by preparing their social media calendars carefully.

Create a Framework

List all upcoming trends, holidays, and other events specific to your product, which may require gathering information from people in every department of your business. There may be national or international days or weeks that relate to your product or brand. Create a master calendar and list all these dates on it.

Identify the Need for Lead-Ups

Determine if any of the set dates need lead-ups. Perhaps you’re unveiling a new product or changing some branding. You may want to schedule time prior to the event to alert your social media followers that something new is about to happen. 

Assign Content Creation Tasks

Determine who will create your social media content. If you already have a social media team, they can work with appropriate organizational team members to create content that’s unique to your brand. This is also the time to consider inviting an influencer to take over your social media for a day. Using an influencer could expose your brand to a new audience. 

Choose Your Social Media Channels 

Determine which social media channels you plan on using. Next, determine if you can support all those channels. If you only post once a week on any channel, your time and effort may be better spent creating more posts on fewer channels. Let your company branding help you make this decision. Instagram is ideal for visually sharing your brand. Facebook gives you the opportunity to fully share your story. You may be able to expose your business to more people via Twitter. YouTube and Snapchat provide opportunities to demonstrate products and share your company’s personality. 

Use Video

Figure out how you can include video in your social media. Video is becoming one of the most popular online tools, and it’s the preferred medium for mobile users. This is an opportunity to create themes and content that will engage your audience and pique their interest. Your videos can feature unboxings, product demonstrations, and visual stories related to your brand. 

Divide Content 

Your social media content shouldn’t be limited to advertising. It should include a mix of promotion, industry knowledge, and fun. Fun content can center on important dates in your company’s history or something special about the location of your home office. 

Make sure to use your social media scheduling tools to post at optimal times. Always track your progress, and revisit your social media strategy after six months. Finally, don’t be afraid to tweak your content calendar. 

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