3 Tips to Get Your Website to Appear in Competitive Searches

Rank on Competitive Searches in San Diego, CA

There is a great deal of competition on the Internet, and many businesses are having a tough time getting their websites to rank high on Google. However, there are a few simple tips any company can follow to improve their SEO strategy.

1. Publish Fresh and Relevant Content

When it comes to ranking on the search engine results pages, the number one thing you can do is publish fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. High-quality content written and published for your target audience will drive traffic and in turn improve your ranking. When creating content, it is also important to highlight keywords in every post that fit naturally within the content. For instance, a San Diego SEO company might write a post about getting a website to appear in competitive searches and highlight the keyword “SEO in San Diego.” Updating content regularly also tells the search engine your site is relevant and therefore deserves a good rank.

2. Use Metadata

When designing your site, make sure you utilize metadata. If you have already made your site, it is not too late to hire a trusted San Diego web development company to review or implement metadata, which includes:

  • Title meta tag – This is the title displayed at the top of the page. It is also arguably the most important piece of metadata because it tells the reader and search engine what the whole page is about.
  • Keywords – These are the most common words and phrases someone might search that would be relevant to your page. However, listing too many might do more harm than good. Choose roughly 3 to 4 keywords between 1 and 4 words each.
  • Description – This is the portion of text that will actually show in a browser when someone conducts a search. It should tell the reader what the page is about in an interesting way.

3. Get Backlinks

Arguably, backlinks are the most helpful thing for getting a good rank. Reputable backlinks to your site tell search engines like Google that your website is credible and relevant. As long as the links are from quality sources, the more links the better.

If you want your company’s website to appear in competitive searches, Saba SEO can help. Give us a call at 858-951-1717 and we can develop a strategy to give your site a more competitive edge and get it ranking higher. We hope to hear from you soon.