Tips for Creating a Social Media Calendar You Can Use

Creating a social media calendar can keep you in constant contact with your customers. It’s also an opportunity to attract the attention of new customers. Here are some tips on how to create a useful social media calendar, brought to you by Saba SEO, an innovative digital marketing firm specializing in SEO, social media, and Internet marketing. San Diego business owners can take full advantage of a wide variety of marketing channels by preparing their social media calendars carefully.

Understand Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

Why go to the time and trouble of creating this sort of calendar? This is actually a timesaver. Marking what needs to be posted keeps you from having to come up with new ideas.

Maintaining a social media calendar keeps you organized. For a lot of businesses, social media is just one part of a communication specialist’s daily workload. A calendar keeps that person organized.

Posting at regular times is also important. Your regular customers and fans will know when to expect your new posts. In addition, this further keeps you organized.

Plan What to Include in the Calendar

Create a master list of dates that are important to your business, such as holidays, conferences, and special days dedicated to your products. Mark these dates on the calendar to give it a framework. Also include:

  • Time and day of posts
  • Which social media channels you’ll use for each post
  • Visuals, including videos, photos, and infographics
  • All links and tags

Choose What to Include in Social Media Posts

Your social media posts should be equally divided among business, industry, and fun topics. When scheduling your posts, don’t overlook dates that can relate to your business. There’s always a way to personalize days such as National Sibling Day or Ice Cream Day.

Ask Team Members for Help

Make sure to ask other team members for their input. You may want to give another team access to social media one day a week. They may also have ideas for infographics to use in posts. These can explain a new policy, show customers how to use equipment, or explain a concept.

Pick the Right Social Media

Picking the right social media platform is as important as crafting a good post. Choose the social media channels that align with your business goals.

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