The Important Rules of Respectful Marketing

The Rules of Respectful Marketing in San Diego, CA

Marketing is all about reaching out to potential customers. However, many of today’s consumers use ad blockers or simply ignore ads that aren’t relevant to them. So what should a marketer do? Aside from consulting expert internet marketing service providers, be respectful when interacting with potential customers and follow these basic rules.

Be Mindful of Where Your Partners Get Their Data

Ask potential data partners where they get their information from and what precautions they take to ensure it’s from reliable sources. Ideally, you want data partners and publishers who:

  • Avoid ambient listening and other secretive techniques to gather info from emails and text messages
  • Have clearly stated ethical standards and privacy policies
  • Are willing to provide references from other clients
  • Have a good reputation in the industry

Set Caps on Frequency of Engagement Attempts

Earlier, marketers used to bombard customers with ads and hope for the best. Doing this today will only hurt your brand. Deliver your marketing content at the right frequency for your intended target audience and set reasonable caps on how many efforts you make to encourage conversions.

Avoid Fraudulent Impressions

Watch where your ads are placed to avoid damaging your brand with ad placement on questionable sites. Check your reports for signs of fraudulent impressions created with placement in locations where your ads will never be seen by human visitors. If you’re going to do programmatic (automated) ad buying, consider improving transparency and avoiding issues with impressions.

Watch How You Retarget

It makes sense to target your website visitors since they’ve shown some interest in what you have to offer. Still, you want to limit how aggressively you go after these potential customers. The same rule is applicable when retargeting customers who’ve already made a purchase.

Create and Update White/Black Lists

Create a whitelist of trusted sources for your ad placements. Make a blacklist of sources that have turned out to be questionable, or those that use unethical practices. Update your lists periodically.

When using highly personal forms of marketing like text alerts and emails, give recipients an option to opt out. There’s a fine line between establishing mutually beneficial relationships and being seen as a nuisance. As a general rule, it’s best to gauge your marketing interactions based on the responses you’re getting in return.

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