5 Ways to Manage Your PPC During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips to Manage Your PPC During the Coronavirus Pandemic in San Diego, CA

While online advertising has certainly been reshaped by COVID-19, this doesn’t mean paid advertising has to or should stop. In fact, PPC can still be an effective form of engagement and a reliable source of website traffic, conversions, and revenue as the world deals with this global pandemic. The San Diego SEO service experts from Saba SEO recommend these strategies for managing PPC during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Promote In-Demand Products/Services

If you have products or services that can fit into what’s in demand right now, shift your PPC campaigns to this focus. Some of the top search trends right now involve:

• Social distancing
• Working from home and/or homeschooling
• Family entertainment and/or streaming and other forms of remote communication
• Essential services and/or products

Should you be able to fit your products or services into one of the categories listed above, you may be able to see beneficial PPC results. Another strategy is to offer virtual versions of your services. Lastly, take a look at your current PPC campaigns to see what can stay in place and what needs to be adjusted to fit coronavirus-related trends and priorities.

2. Reevaluate & Adjust Your PPC Budget

Now is a perfect time to reassess your PPC budget and make appropriate adjustments. How you adjust your budget will depend on what products and services you offer and which ones are still selling well even with COVID-19 concerns as an added factor. Also, look at your PPC data to see how users’ behavior has changed, and make budget adjustments accordingly.

3. Tailor Ad Copy to Search Behavior

Once you know how your business and what you offer are affected by shifts in search behavior, make changes to your PPC ad copy. For instance, you might emphasize perks like free delivery with ad extensions or announce that some of your services are now available virtually to keep customers interested and clicking.

Bonus tip: Adjust your negative keywords to include ones related to COVID-19, such as “epidemic,” “virus,” and “corona.”

4. Look for Paid Social Opportunities

Even though more people are returning to platforms like Facebook, those extra users aren’t using a lot of the monetized features, which means these platforms are still experiencing a decrease in ad revenue. As such, it’s easier to explore your options with paid social campaigns with less competition and more opportunities to reach a larger audience without having to stretch your budget to do so.

5. Prepare for a Return to Normal(ish) Behaviors

Eventually, restrictions will be lifted and people will return to some of their routine search habits and buying behaviors. For this reason, you don’t want to completely abandon PPC strategies that have worked well for you in the past. At the very least, keep some of your well-performing campaigns that aren’t appropriate right now on the back burner to be ready to use later.

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