SEM Tactics to Market Apps

Apps Marketing Tactics Of SEM in San Diego, CA

New mobile apps are entering the market every day, making it critical to have a solid, multi-pronged plan for ensuring app discovery. The following few tactics can produce impressive results for businesses marketing their apps.

1. Make Sure Your App Is Actually Useful to Consumers

When it comes to increasing app downloads, the first step is to design an app that serves an important purpose for your market. Many apps are developed with little more than the company’s marketing goals in mind. Whether your app is built to entertain, help people organize their lives, or make vital tasks easier, if it serves a purpose it will generate attention.

2. Use Social Media to Introduce Your App and Stay Connected with Users

Social media is the perfect medium to connect with audience during the formative stages of your app marketing plan, and for staying connected with app users. If you want your mobile application to receive and maintain top ratings, you should respond to user inquiries and address user problems in a timely fashion. Social media management keeps you abreast of complaints and allows for the rapid and transparent solutions modern consumers demand.

3. Join Ad Networks

Ad networks allow you to monetize your app. This way, even if your mobile app is free, you can still collect revenue from the ads users will view when using your product. Ad networks can also help market your app by exposing it to mobile phone users through banners and other applications.

4. Offer Rewards to Loyal App Users

Getting people to download your app is only one part of the marketing process, especially if the app is designed for Android devices and offered in the Google Play store. Optimizing an app for Google Play is accomplished by optimizing app usage. The more often people use your app, the higher its placement will be in the available app selection. Depending on the nature of your mobile product, rewards can include additional lives or resources in a game, special discounts on services or products, or even high-value, industry-specific information only made available to those with daily app use. Once people know they can gain something by simply using your application more, usage will go up and overall visibility will increase.

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