Smart Content Strategies to Use for Your Local SEO

Successful Content Strategy For Local SEO in San Diego, CA

Getting the right attention from searchers within a certai geographic area requires a comprehensive local search engine optimization strategy. While you’ll want to do things like claiming your Google My Business listing and using keywords that suggest local intent, it’s just as important to have a solid local SEO content strategy in place. Here are some tips to help you with this goal, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO company.

Know Your Audience

Go beyond identifying the geographic areas you want to target with your content. Tap into your existing data from Google Analytics and other sources to find out just who’s viewing your existing content and learn more about:

• Key demographics, such as age range and income level
• How your local audience is finding your content (e.g., organic search, desktop, mobile devices, links from your social media pages, etc.)
• The existing content your local audience already responds to

These details can make it easier to produce relevant local content. You’ll also be able to remove or adjust content that’s not too meaningful to your intended local audience.

Create Local Landing Pages

If you’ll be targeting more than one neighborhood, city, or region, divide your content into local landing pages. Each page can be tailored to the specific local area you want to target. Your intended audience can then go directly to the content that’s most relevant to their local needs.

Address Local Concerns

Use your social media platforms or email mailing lists to conduct surveys or pose questions to determine the things that matter most to your local target audience. This information can then be used to present locally flavored content that addresses common concerns or answers commonly asked questions. You can do this with locally based social or blog posts or topic-specific webpages.

Also, pepper your local content with testimonials from other local customers. Real comments from real people tend to be much more impactful than carefully worded marketing content. Lastly, continue to check your stats to see which local content is performing best for you and what needs some attention.If you’re looking to boost your local search results with high-quality content, call on the SEO specialists at Saba SEO. As an industry-leading SEO company in San Diego, we have more than a decade of experience in search engine optimization, website design and development, and social media marketing. To learn more about how we can help you enhance your local SEO strategy, reach out to us today at 858-277-1717.