Digital Marketers with Experience Offer Tips for Optimizing ROI

Digital Marketing Tips in San Diego, CA

If you do an online search for “digital marketing tips,” you’ll find all kinds of advice. However, the suggestions that tend to carry the most weight come from experienced digital marketers. After all, they’re the ones who have a highly vested interest in optimizing their clients’ return on investment (ROI). They also tend to have the experience necessary to maintain healthy ROIs. When it comes to internet marketing, San Diego businesses look to the experts at Saba SEO for advice. Here are some of the top ways they typically go about getting meaningful results.

Create Impactful Landing Pages

Updating your landing pages can be a highly effective way to boost conversions and enjoy an impressive ROI. What’s more, you can have multiple landing pages that serve different purposes. As a matter of fact, brands with 40 or more landing pages see twelve times as many leads as businesses with five or fewer landing pages. A landing page is impactful if it includes:

  • Clear, concise titles and subheadings
  • Complementary images and graphics
  • Content that addresses the intended audience’s pain point
  • A compelling offer (e.g., something free or special discounts)
  • A clear call to action

Enhance the Inbound Marketing Game

Chain mails and cold calls shouldn’t be part of your digital marketing strategy these days. Inbound marketing is more effective because it presents many opportunities to spread the word about your brand. If you do it right, you’ll also attract the attention of customers willing to spread the word about your brand. The basics of inbound marketing include:

  • Attracting attention with effective website and social media content
  • Inspiring conversions with calls to action and landing pages
  • Converting leads with personalized emails, marketing automation, and similar techniques
  • Maintaining customer relationships

Serve the Right Audience

If you aren’t seeing a decent ROI with what you’re doing now, take it as a sign you need to find out more about your target audience. Start by using Google Analytics to get some stats on the people who visit your website. Facebook and other social platforms can also give you some useful data on who’s interacting with your brand. It can be helpful to find out things such as:

  • When your target audience is most active online
  • What geographic areas your customers are coming from (if your business is location-based)
  • Who’s most likely to benefit from what you have to offe

Create Buyer-Centric Content

Whether it’s in the form of social media and blog posts, videos, website content, infographics, or white papers, content marketing can be a highly effective way to increase your ROI if you have the right approach to what you present online. In a nutshell, relevant and effective content is anything that effectively educates, entertains, and informs your target audience while also building and encouraging brand loyalty.

Use Time-Based Emails

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is alive and well, mainly because of the widespread use of mobile devices that make access easier, which is why a great way to optimize your ROI is with personalized emails that are timed to be sent when your intended audience is most likely to be checking their inboxes. The best way to do this is to spend a little more time diving into your stats to get to know your target audience. Email segmentation based on interests and relevant demographics such as age range can also help with this goal.

Leverage Social Media Interactions

Facebook alone has more than a billion active monthly users, so it should come as no surprise that experienced digital marketers often suggest using social media to optimize ROI. Successful social media interaction involves:

  • Engagement on multiple platforms
  • Buyer-centric actionable content
  • Consistent monitoring of comments and results
  • Regular communication with your followers

Keep an Eye on Your Rivals

Check out what your competitors are up to. Don’t copy their strategies, but you can certainly learn some things by finding out how they’re interacting with the same audience. There are plenty of free tools you can use to find out the following details:

  • What kind of backlinks they’re getting
  • How their content is being shared
  • What keywords they’re using

You don’t have to be an experienced digital marketer to apply some of the tips discussed here to your own marketing efforts. Simply making an effort to understand who your customers are, what matters most to them, and what they expect when interacting with your brand can noticeably improve the results you get with the content you present online.

If you want to learn more about how to increase your ROI through marketing strategies like the ones listed above, the experts at Saba SEO are the ones to call. With more than ten years of professional experience in web design, digital marketing, and search engine optimization, we’re proud to be among the finest San Diego SEO companies. Our team can help you create buyer-centric content, understand your analytics, and implement effective SEO tactics with honesty and integrity. To talk to one of our internet marketing experts, give us a call at 858-277-1717 today.