Optimizing Your Business for Local Search

Optimizing Websites for Local Search

There are many factors that determine how well your business ranks in local search. And with more and more users looking to their mobile devices to find local businesses while on the go, making sure that you rank locally will be instrumental to overall success. By optimizing the following factors, the search engine marketing experts at Saba, Inc. believe you will be more likely to gain the maximum amount of traffic to your site and generate high profit for your company.

Correctly Categorizing Your Business

In Google’s local listings, you have the option to select a primary category for your business. This is extremely important. Google will list your business based on this category and it will make it more likely that customers will find you when they run a search. Placing your business in the wrong category is the biggest mistake that many owners make when marketing their organizations locally.

Brick and Mortar Address in the City of Search

If you own a bakery with a physical address in Los Angeles, your company will be more likely to appear in searches for bakeries in Los Angeles. At the same token, if a person is searching for a bakery from a smartphone in Los Angeles, Google is more likely to deliver your business as a result. This does create somewhat of a challenge for businesses that are located just outside of the metropolitan area. A bakery in Torrance, for example, that also serves customers in Los Angeles, may find it harder to rank well locally.

Structured Citations

A citation is a mention of your company’s name elsewhere on the Web. If, for example, your business has Yelp! reviews or a listing in credible online directories, these count as “structured citations.” The more structured citations your business can claim, the better you will rank in search. Many businesses flounder in search when their citations are inconsistent. If your company is cited as “Liz’s Bakery” in one listing and “Liz’s Cupcakes” in another, you will have a harder time ranking in local search.

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