5 Effective Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

5 Tips on Optimizing Your YouTube Videos in San Diego, CA

YouTube is currently the second largest social media platform in the world. It reaches over a billion users every month, and it’s a great way to find an audience. Hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded every minute on YouTube, so it’s important to optimize your videos. Experts at Saba SEO, a reputed provider of social media marketing in San Diego, share five tips on optimizing videos on YouTube.

1. Create a Good Thumbnail

Your thumbnail is a great way to catch the attention of a potential viewer. You shouldn’t go overboard with obnoxious graphics, but bright colors and interesting pictures can attract an audience. Try to keep the same thumbnail format for all of your videos so your regular viewers will immediately recognize one of your videos by its thumbnail.

2. Pay Attention to Title Length

Your title should be engaging and descriptive, and it should include at least one keyword. However, if your title is too long, it won’t be immediately visible in YouTube search results. Try to keep your title at about 100 characters, which is enough space to include keywords without being cut off.

3. Write Longer Descriptions

Your description can be up to 5,000 characters, so it’s a great place to include original content and keywords. Make sure your descriptions include helpful content that will make viewers want to watch more of your videos.

4. Focus on the First 150 Characters of Your Description

The first 150 characters of your video description will be readily available when viewers click on your video. The rest will be hidden under a “more” tag, which means viewers will have to click on it to read it. Not all of your viewers will be interested in reading the description, so the first 150 characters should include the most important information.

5. Make Playlists

If you have a series of related videos, group them together into a playlist. It’s more likely that a playlist will appear at the top of a results page than a single video, and playlists also encourage viewers to keep watching your content.

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