5 Things to Look for When Picking An SEO Agency

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Search engine optimization is no longer a process that company owners can handle on their own. This has moved far beyond proper keyword selection, link building and social media use. It is a complex, multi-pronged effort that is best implemented by seasoned professionals. Working with a qualified San Diego SEO firm is also the most cost-effective way to manage this ongoing process. This, however, is only true if you know what to look for when screening and hiring these agencies.

1. Experience

There are countless SEO startups that are all vying for the attention of small business owners based largely or solely upon their competitive pricing. Companies that have a history in this industry, however, will have the best understanding of how SEO has evolved and of how recent algorithm changes have impacted the definition of what white hat SEO truly is. As such, it definitely pays to spend a bit more to work with a company that’s known for its industry expertise. Providers with insufficient experience are often guilty of using outdated optimization tactics that are currently frowned upon and that may even lead to painful penalties.

2. An Individualized and Results-Driven Approach

The best SEO professionals take the time to get to know their clients and the nature of their respective businesses. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all solutions, these entities routinely provide individualized and integrated services that are best suited to the niches they’re servicing. It’s also a good idea to look for an SEO firm that maintains a focus on specific industries. For instance, some firms only focus on companies within the financial services or real estate industries, while others focus on health care providers, construction companies or entertainment businesses.

3. A Focus on Reputation Management

At its best, reputation management is an ongoing and proactive effort. Small business owners are rarely prepared for the both the benefits and drawbacks of being able to gain widespread, online attention within a nominal amount of time. This makes it important to choose an SEO provider that is committed to protecting your commercial image well in advance of any warranted or unwarranted attacks.

4. Transparent Pricing

When self-managing their own campaigns, many companies have a very hard time tracking how much they’re spending and the returns that these investments are producing. SEO companies should have clear, transparent pricing along with all-inclusive packages and service options that can be custom-built according to individual needs.

5. Campaign Tracking

Diligent tracking of SEO campaigns is a sure sign that SEO firms are committed to producing results. Not only will tracking show you just what your SEO monies are doing for you, but it will also inform your provider of any strategies that aren’t working as intended. The data that tracking software supplies allows SEO professionals to streamline and enhance campaigns for optimal results and excellent returns.

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