Promoting a Website vs. a Mobile App: Learning Distinct Marketing Strategies

Promoting a Website vs Mobile App Learning Different Marketing Strategies in San Diego, CA

Do you think promoting your website is the same as promoting your mobile app? Think again. Although both are digital, that’s about all they really have in common. Each has a unique customer and should be marketed for that customer. How should you promote a website versus a mobile app? Here’s a discussion of the different marketing strategies for each one, offered by Saba SEO, a premier provider of digital marketing and San Diego web design services.


One of the key differences between marketing a website versus a mobile app is knowing how to optimize your efforts. SEO (search engine optimization) is necessary for your website. It directs customers to your site. To achieve a higher ranking, you must follow best SEO practices, which include producing high-quality content, having a fast and secure site, using backlinks and keywords, and demonstrating your expertise. However, for mobile apps, ASO (app storage optimization) follows organic downloads. You must follow character limits, including the number of characters in the title, which means you must be thoughtful and deliberate with descriptions and keywords

Different KPIs

The data used to evaluate how websites and mobile apps perform is totally different. Website performance is based on retention rate, page views, bounce rate, and time on page. On the other hand, measuring the success of apps depends on retention, reviews, and app activity.

Monetizing Procedures

Monetizing your app is totally different from doing the same with your website. You may offer a free app but also offer a paid version with additional features. Determining what features will get a customer to pay requires some research. Websites can include advertisements, affiliate marketing, and products, all of which require a very user-friendly website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research tools are different for marketing websites and mobile apps. Although the tools are different, the approach is similar. You’ll certainly know who your customer is and have branded keywords to adequately market against your closest competition.

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