Choosing the PPC Agency that’s Right for You

How To Choose The Right PPC Agency in San Diego, CA

Pay-per-click can be a fairly involved approach to online advertising, especially if you have multiple campaigns to set up and monitor. If paid advertising based on click rates or impressions is a regular part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s worth considering a partnership with a PPC agency to lighten your load and fine-tune your results. The San Diego SEO and digital marketing specialists at Saba SEO explain what to consider as you go about choosing the PPC agency that’s right for your needs.

Set Your PPC Goals

Get started by defining your goals with PPC. Having a firm grasp of what you hope to accomplish with your paid ad campaigns can serve as a guide you can use to find agencies that can fulfill those goals. Your PPC goals may include:

• Boosting website traffic
• Getting more qualified leads
• Increasing awareness of your brand and/or products and services

Determine Your Preferred Level of Involvement

PPC agencies have different approaches to how they work with clients, with some being more flexible than others. This is why it can be helpful to determine how you wish to work with an agency. For instance, do you want an agency that’s capable of stepping in and pretty much doing all the PPC work so you can focus on other things, or do you prefer one that can supplement what you’re doing in-house?

Ask Questions that Give You an Idea of What to Expect

As you whittle down your selection, take time to ask important questions of the PPC agencies you’re considering. In addition to any questions specific to your goals and concerns, it’s a good idea to ask about such things as:

• How data is handled
• What kind of performance reports you’ll get
• Safeguards that may be put in place to help you stick to your PPC budget
• Experience with online advertising specific to your industry or niche
• Familiarity with mobile optimization, since most paid ads are viewed this way

Lastly, also choose an agency with knowledge of related aspects of digital and online marketing. This can come in handy if you need some help with setting up or adjusting landing pages related to your ads.

If you need help creating a PPC campaign or designing an overall marketing strategy for your business, turn to Saba SEO. As one of the leading marketing companies in San Diego, we use a wide variety of tools to create focused campaigns for our clients. With our help, you can expand your customer base, acquire more leads, and boost your online visibility. We offer search engine optimization, paid marketing, content development, web design, and social media management services. To schedule an appointment with one of our digital marketing specialists, give us a call today.