Getting Started with Website Development

There are websites for virtually any topic, business, and product you can imagine. But how do all these websites come to be? Website development has come a long way, from simple HTML websites to more interactive sites. Now, we can even include CSS animations and responsive design. If you’re interested in building a website of your own, here are some of the basics of website development, brought to you by the experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego web development company.

How Websites Work

To understand web development, you must first understand how a website works. Simply put, a website is a collection of web pages. A web page is just one piece of content hosted on a server. When you access a web page, your computer makes a request to the server where the page is stored to bring the content back and then display it in your browser.

Using a Content Management System

When creating websites, you can use your own code or a content management system, such as WordPress. The use of content management systems has become a common practice among many web development professionals because they’re easier to use. If you want to use WordPress to create your own website, it’s important to know how the different parts of your site will work.

When working with a CMS, you’ll first need a theme, which is a collection of styles for your website. In WordPress, themes are available in both free and paid versions. 

Next, you’ll need a server for your website. This is where your pages will be stored. Once you’ve set up your theme and server, you’ll need to add content to your site.

Adding & Managing Content

A CMS lets you add and edit content through an interface that can be accessed via a web browser. Here, you can create and manage the posts on your site and change the look of things by changing the WordPress theme.

You’ll also need a menu system—a collection of links on the left side or at the top of your website. Each link on your menu can direct users to a page in your site’s root directory.

Using Plugins

You can also utilize plugins in your CMS. A plugin is software that expands the functionality of your website. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available that can help you accomplish almost anything you want with your website.

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