Updating Your Business’s Local SEO when You Move

Updating Your Business’s Local SEO when You Move in San Diego, CA


Moving to a new business location involves more than calling the movers and getting enough boxes to pack things up. It’s just as important to update your local SEO as part of the moving process, and it can be made easier by hiring a trusted SEO company. San Diego business owners need to do the following to cross this particular task off their to-do lists.

Update Your Local Listings

A good place to get started with this part of the local SEO updating process is with your Google My Business listing. There’s no need to create an entirely new listing unless you’ll be operating from more than one location. You may be asked to verify your new location by postcard, which could take 7–10 business days.

Adjust Your Map Info

This applies to Google Maps and any other online tool that shows your business’s location on a map. Make sure the pin showing your location has been adjusted to show your new physical location. This is important because it’s common for local customers to use their devices to find a business’s location, and they often look at online maps to do this.

Replace Location Photos

Without any new photos of your business location to draw from, Google will likely default to images from your old location for street-view shots. And because your old info is linked to these images, customers could end up being directed to the wrong destination. Avoid this issue by removing old images and replacing them with new ones. Also, include interior shots of your new location to give customers a feel for what to expect when they visit.

Change Your Online Content

One of the most effective local SEO techniques is to reference your location in your content. But this won’t do your local SEO any favors if you don’t adjust references so they mention your new location. Your structured data markup should also be adjusted to reflect the change in location.

Finally, create content that lets your current customers and target audience know about the move. For instance, this can be done with social media or blog posts. Using your email mailing list can also be a fast and effective way to spread the word about your move to a new location.

If you need help with any aspect of optimizing local SEO, reach out to Saba SEO, a trusted digital marketing, social media management, and web design company in San Diego. To learn more about how we can help you enhance your local SEO strategy, reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives today at 858-277-1717.