Google Posts: How to Use Google’s New Feature for Local SEO

Using Google's New Feature for Local SEO in San Diego, CA

Initially launched in 2016 for use in the presidential campaign, Google Posts allows consumers and businesses to connect when using the popular search engine. Free for anyone with a verified Google My Business (GMB) account, the tool can be an effective way to increase online engagement. Whether developing an in-house SEO plan or consulting an internet marketing company, San Diego business owners and organizations all over the globe should know how to use Google Posts for local SEO.

Choose a Purpose for Your Post

You get up to 300 words with your post, so limit it to one purpose. You can use Google Posts for just about anything related to your business. You also get to add call-to-action buttons. After you log in to your GMB account, click “Shop” in your account’s list view, and choose “Create Post.” You can create a post to:

  • Market a particular product or service
  • Announce something specific to your business
  • Promote an event
  • Draw attention to an article related to your business

Write a Description and Upload a Photo/Image

Your description can be up to 1,500 characters, but avoid filler words and keep it as concise as possible for maximum readability. If you are promoting a local event, choose “Make This Post an Event” and create a title for it with at least one local keyword to attract the right searchers. Include a high-resolution (minimum resolution is 720×720 pixels) photo or image to make your post more appealing to searchers.

Pick Your Call to Action(CTA)

You get a list of CTAs to choose from that includes things like “sign up” and “learn more.” Select the CTA that best fits your post.

Preview and Publish Your Post

Preview your post to make sure there aren’t any spelling, factual, or grammatical errors. If you like what you see, publish it. The post will be displayed within your GMB Knowledge Graph for a week. If you need more time, republish it when the seven days are up.

Use the Google Insights dashboard (accessible from your GMB account) to measure results you’re getting with your Google Posts. You’ll be able to see details such as how many searches your business is showing up in. View your results in your Google Analytics reports by creating a tracking URL. Finally, enhance your local SEO efforts by using location-specific keywords in your posts when it makes sense to do so.

Careful planning is the key to successful search engine optimization. San Diego SEO professionals at Saba SEO work tirelessly to help businesses boost their online ranking. Our team can create a customized SEO strategy for your organization and offer continual support to ensure your business enjoys a higher search engine ranking. Whether you need a few tips on SEO or a comprehensive digital marketing plan, give us a call at 858-951-1717 today.