Tips for Beginners Who Want to Advertise on LinkedIn

Ways for Beginners Who Want to Advertise on LinkedIn in San Diego, CA

LinkedIn is the most unique of all social media platforms. This is where professionals hang out. It makes sense that if you want to do B2B advertising, LinkedIn is where you’ll find your tribe. Advertising on LinkedIn is a fairly simple process. You begin by setting up your LinkedIn campaign. Next, you create your ads. Sounds simple? It is. High visibility on LinkedIn can also do wonders for your overall online reputation and credibility. The experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO agency, share this beginner’s guide to advertising on LinkedIn.


Before you begin advertising on LinkedIn, determine your objectives. What do you want people to do when they see your ads? Some of the options include:

  • Site visits – Use LinkedIn ads to drive traffic to a landing page on your website. This is primarily used for brand awareness. 
  • Lead generation – LinkedIn has a handy half-filled form used to target select groups of customers. 
  • Video – Video is king, and good video can give a potential customer a feeling about your brand and your product. The key with video is the ability to produce a great deal of it. 
  • Engagement – Get more LinkedIn members to follow your LinkedIn company page.


Determining your audience is even more detailed than answering who your target customer is. Even if you believe your product is for everyone, being specific and pinpointing a target audience can help you make recordable progress. Some of the specifics you may want to target include regional areas, gender, age groups, and language.


Targeting LinkedIn members with similar interests as your organization’s will likely develop a positive connection. You can create content on trends associated with where your interests and your company’s brand intersect.

Ad Format

What types of ads should you create? There’s a cornucopia of possibilities. Here are some you may consider:

  • Single image ad – One image that’s included in the LinkedIn newsfeed along with the content
  • Text ad – A word-only ad located on the top column or on the right of the page
  • Job ads – Promote open positions
  • Message ad – Focused on your target audience
  • Video ad – A single video included in the LinkedIn newsfeed 
  • Spotlight ads – Only seen on desktops (not on laptops or mobile devices), ads that promote specials
  • Follower ads – Also only on desktop platforms, personalized ads using profile data


Decide where your ad will get the most exposure. You can also exclude places where you don’t want to promote your ad.


Use your money wisely by targeting niche markets. This goes back to your audience and objectives. Using LinkedIn’s content suggestions can help you use your budget wisely and get the social media results you’re looking for. 

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