An Easy Guide to Getting Started with Twitter Analytics

Use Free Twitter Analytics to Your Advantage

Twitter Analytics is a free social media tool that reveals information about your tweets as well as your followers, including who is following you and which tweets are successful. Routinely checking Twitter Analytics can help guide you as you continue to build your following and curate your content. Here are a few tips for getting started, from San Diego SEM company, Saba, Inc.

Home Page

To access your Twitter Analytics, go to: This will lead you to your dashboard. Here, you get a good overview of how your tweets are doing. First, there is a 28-day summary that lists how many tweets, tweet impressions (an interaction or engagement), profile visits, mentions, and followers you have. Additionally, this area shows the percentage of change, whether positive or negative, for these measurable.

Your top tweet, top mention, and top follower are also included. For more details, you can click on “View Tweet Activity”, “View Tweet” or “View profile”. Here, you can see how many actual people engaged with a Tweet.

Tweet Activity

In the tweet activity section, you can view exact engagement details of each individual Tweet. Across the top is a graph with tweet impressions that can be adjusted for a specific period of time. Down the right side you’ll find details like link clicks, retweets and favorites. Along the left side is more detailed information on each individual tweet. Here, the engagement rate is based on the total amount of impressions with engagements. The goal is to have an engagement rate of two to four percent.


In the followers section, you can obtain more information on your twitter followers. While information such as language, gender and mobile footprint can be useful, interests can be the most revealing bit of information. Here, you can view your followers’ interests and extend your twitter topics to be more inclusive.

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