How-To Guide for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing How to Do It, Types, Tools, & Tips in San Diego, CA

Approximately 80 percent of marketers today rely on social media for marketing purposes. Given the fact there are nearly four billion social media users worldwide today, it’s easy to see why. If you’re new to social media marketing (SMM), here’s a quick rundown of the basics to keep in mind to see meaningful results, brought to you by the social media experts at Saba SEO, a leading marketing, web development, and SEO company in San Diego.

How to Do It

With social media marketing, you’re using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your business and/or products and services. The first step to take with SMM is to define your target audience, since social platforms today make it easy to deliver messages based on various demographics, locations, and other relevant factors. The SMM process also involves:

• Picking platforms suitable for your brand and ones your target audience uses most
• Creating accounts on your preferred platforms that include profiles with links back to your website
• Setting realistic and achievable goals with SMM
• Publishing fresh, relevant, and consistent content
• Analyzing results and tracking metrics that matter most to you

Types of Social Media Marketing

There are three main types of social media marketing:

• Community management
• Content creation
• Growth

Community management is focused on driving engagement. It also refers to interacting with your social media followers by responding to comments and concerns and maintaining general interest.

With content creation, you’re presenting content that generates leads and inspires interaction with your business. “Content” for SMM should include a mix of text, images, photos, videos, and curated content from followers.

Growth is where you focus on efforts to boost your social media following on your various platforms. Growth also includes driving more traffic back to your site and/or physical business location and expanding your overall social footprint.

Tools & Tips

The main thing to remember with social media marketing is to be consistent with your content and messaging. Also, stay on top of your stats to determine what’s working and what needs some tweaking. Keep an eye on how your competitors are interacting with the same audience via social media to determine if there are any gaps you may need to fill in your own SMM strategy.

While social media marketing does involve an ongoing effort on your part, there are some tools that can help you manage the various tasks involved with SMM. Some of the often-used and recommended ones include:

• Buffer – a scheduling tool
• BuzzSumo – a research tool
• Missinglettr – a content creation tool
• Hootsuite – a social media management tool
• Mention – a social listening tool
• Social Status – an analytics and reporting tool

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