How to Write Articles People Actually Want to Read

Ways to Write Articles People Will Want to Read in San Diego, CA

Content is in demand these days, so there will always be a need to produce articles. However, it takes an effort to get the attention of online searchers today because of the sheer volume of online content present. While reading, people tend to tune out until something catches their eye. Professional content marketers in San Diego share a few tips on how to craft eye-catching articles that are likely to be read.

Know Who You Are Writing For

Before you begin writing, it helps to know who will be reading your article. Knowing who you’re writing for also makes it easier to set the tone for your content. For instance, you can use a more conversational tone if you’re writing a how-to piece on gardening or choosing the right smartphone. On the other hand, you may have to rely on formal language when writing medical, legal, and business articles.

Make It Easy to Digest

Online searchers are unlikely to read an article if it is not presented in the right way, even if it’s well-researched and carefully crafted. Most readers skim through the content, and they have a tendency to look for points of interest before actually reading the article. Make sure your articles are easy to digest by:

  • Keeping paragraphs short and concise
  • Avoiding meaningless phrases and wording
  • Using descriptive headlines
  • Highlighting key points with bullet lists
  • Avoiding technical jargon (unless it’s appropriate for your intended audience)

Be Informative, Not Pushy

Most readers today are looking for something meaningful in online content. While giving advice is great, you can easily push away a reader by constantly using phrasing like “you should” or “this is what you need to do.” Instead, present clear reasons why it makes sense to do something without coming across as pushy or condescending.

Double Check Your Info

Make sure the information you present is accurate so you’ll be seen as a source of reliable information. Misleading or questionable facts and false information will only reflect poorly on you. Also be mindful of the sources you use and any links or references you include in your articles.

Provide Answers and Solve Problems

When someone types in a search request online, they’re usually looking for specific answers. People are likely to read an article that solves a problem or provides the answers they are looking for. However, you don’t want to overwhelm a reader with answers and solutions. Keep the focus on one or two main issues instead of branching out to related topics.

Finally, pay attention to what’s going on within your specific writing niches. People expect fresh and relevant content from your business.

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