How Is Content Marketing Influenced by Web Design in 2021?

Is Content Marketing Influenced by Web Design in 2021 in San Diego, CA

Content marketing and web design are a perfect pair when you’re creating an online marketing plan. You want to display your carefully crafted content in the most appealing way. Your organization should also make sure the user experience keeps customers coming to your site. What’s the impact of web design on content marketing in 2021? The experts at Saba SEO, a premier web design company in San Diego, explain.


When customers visit your website, they may instantly connect with your brand due to branded colors, types of content, and product. That first impression is key. Your website’s design needs to simply convey your mission statement through color, font choices, images, and even how much blank space there is on the site. If your website hasn’t been updated, new customers will question whether or not your business is on trend. Your website is your store window.


Font size and type are key website design elements. Customers need to be able to read your content. Make sure the font size is big enough to read and the content is grouped together in bite-sized chunks. Solid text is overwhelming for a customer and not aesthetically pleasing.

User Experience above Keywords

SEO isn’t just about backlinks and keywords. User experience is now a key component. How do the Google bots determine if you’re providing a good user experience? A website needs to download in less than seven seconds, or you could face abandonment. Abandoned websites are downgraded by Google, which means photos must be compressed. 

Another key website design element is responsive design. This means your beautiful website will adjust to the type of device the customer uses, which is very important for mobile customers.

Bite-Sized Pieces

Take a big piece of content and break it down into many smaller pieces of content. You can divide each piece with different keywords. This is more user-friendly and will also help with SEO. Smaller pieces of content help you demonstrate expertise. This is another SEO best practice.

Smart website design can enhance the success of your content marketing efforts and increase the odds that your website effectively represents your business. For advice on any aspect of Internet marketing, from web design to SEO, businesses count on Saba SEO, an industry leader among marketing companies in San Diego, for the highest levels of expertise and professionalism. Call us today at 858-277-1717 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.