Ways Search Marketing May Be Affected by Coronavirus

Impact of Coronavirus on Search Marketing in San Diego, CA

There are many unknowns about the coronavirus (COVID-19). While health concerns obviously come first, it’s already becoming evident this new health concern is having a big impact on other aspects of life. This extends to search marketing. The experts from Saba SEO, one of the most highly respected San Diego marketing companies, offer this look at how coronavirus could ultimately affect search-related marketing efforts in the foreseeable future.

More Shopping from Home

Shopping from home is a trend that’s already been increasing for many years. However, concerns about going out to physical stores to make purchases will likely convince even more consumers to explore their online shopping options.

Canceled Marketing-Related Events

Coronavirus has already resulted in a huge number of canceled conferences and events, a trend that’s expected to continue, which means marketers looking to network and gather new knowledge from industry experts in person won’t be able to do so as much. On a positive note, some of these events will likely be streamed instead, which is what Google will do with their upcoming Cloud Next conference.

Less Travel

Expedia, a popular travel site, expects to lose $30–40 million because fewer people are booking trips. If your main business is somehow based on getting people to travel or gather in a physical location, it’s going to be difficult to effectively convince them to do so, at least until the spread of COVID-19 subsides. This includes hospitality-based businesses, such as hotels and local restaurants.

Product Shortages

It’s been reported that factories in China are slowly ramping up production again, which is good. However, merchants who sell Chinese products could still be affected by product shortages. High demand for certain consumer goods could also cause scarcities. Lower inventories mean fewer marketable items are available.

Economic concerns could affect SEO as well if businesses no longer have room in their budgets to hire marketing professionals. However, some SEO firms survived after the 2008 recession by reducing fees to retain existing clients. The ultimate impact of COVID-19 remains to be seen, but it’s never too soon to start making appropriate search marketing adjustments to be as prepared as possible.

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