How to Humanize Your Brand

How to Make Your Brand Relatable To People in San Diego, CA

With most online content focused on driving traffic and boosting revenue, there’s something refreshing about a brand that goes beyond the sales pitch. According to leading online marketing companies in San Diego, effectively connecting with audiences on a human level can do wonders for your brand image and, ultimately, your ROI.

1. Define Your Brand’s Personality

Is your brand more serious in nature, casual, or somewhere in between? The tone you set for your brand is going to determine how you interact with your target audience.

2. Remain Engaged and Available

Post content on a regular basis and pay attention to what’s actually being said by your followers. Rather than constant selling, contribute content that’s informative and engaging.

3. Communicate in Relatable Terms

Unless you’re doing B2B selling, use relatable language with the content you present. Use language that conveys a clear message and connects with your audience.

4. Invest in Your Audience

See your target audience as more than an accumulation of “likes” and followers. Take time to build relationships and educate your audience about your brand rather than focusing solely on conversions.

5. Set the Pace for Your Interactions

Think about how your interactions reflect on your brand. Does it really set a professional tone for a CEO to appear to be tweeting 24/7, even if a lot of it’s done through automation?

6. Invoke Emotions

Understand what strikes an emotional chord with your audience. If your customers are especially concerned about the environment, for instance, emphasize the “green” aspects of your business.

7. Encourage Real Interactions

Determine what really interests your customers. Talk to your audience and not at them by bringing up topics likely to encourage real discussions and interactions.

8. Share Visual Content

Whether it’s participation in a community event or employee photos, showcase the human side of your business. Extend the exchange by encouraging your audience to share their own visual content.

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