The Importance of Hyperlocal Keywords in SEO

Hyperlocal Search Engine Optimization

The key to standing out online for many business in today’s competitive marketplace is to go local – very local. Welcome to hyperlocal search engine optimization. It’s an effective strategy that can be implemented in several ways.

If you’re new to this particular aspect of local SEO, let’s start by developing a better understanding of why hyperlocal keywords are important and how the concept can be successfully incorporated into your search engine marketing strategy.

Standing Out from the Crowd

The benefit of hyperlocal keywords becomes clear when you consider how consumers tend to search for businesses online, especially customers living in large cities. New York City alone has more than 200 zip codes among its five boroughs. Someone looking for a tasty pizza in The Bronx isn’t likely to go all the way into Upper Manhattan to get it. The solution is to focus on a specific niche. Ways to implement hyperlocal keywords into your online marketing strategy include:

  • Creating separate landing pages for each neighborhood
  • Including hyperlocal keywords in all areas of text (i.e., photo and image tags)
  • Mentioning local landmarks or transit stops near your business

Developing a Better Connection with Your Customers

Hyperlocal SEO can also help you develop a better connection with your local customers. This can include referencing community events in your blog or on your website. Blogging with your local area in mind also helps with your ranking and provides meaningful context around mentions of your targeted communities so that you don’t get flagged by Google for over-optimization. Satisfied local customers may post reviews or testimonials if they see mentions of the neighborhoods you serve, which can give more authority to your brand or website while attracting prospective customers.

Transitioning to Hyperlocal SEO

With more and more consumers looking for businesses online, it’s easy to see why getting very specific with your keywords can do wonders for your ROI, not to mention your website traffic and conversion rates. As with all SEO efforts, there is no magic combination of keywords that will instantly attract local customers to your business. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to track the results you get with your hyperlocal keywords, making it fairly easy to make adjustments until a mix is found that works best for your business.

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