Analyzing Your Local Competitor’s Keywords

Analysis of Competitor's Keywords in San Diego, CA

Analyzing your competitor’s keywords is one of the quickest ways to identify effective strategies for your niche, as well as valuable link-building opportunities. Keyword analysis also makes it easier to find high-interest keywords not already being heavily targeted by businesses serving the same market. A reputed San Diego SEO agency discusses a few ways to identify and analyze your competitor’s keywords.

Use Keyword Analysis Tools

This doesn’t have to be an arduous and time-consuming process, as there are several innovative tools to do all the hard work for you. With these analysis tools, you only need to key in your competitor’s website URL and search for the terms the website organically ranks for. You’ll get a comprehensive list of rank positions to compare against your own SEO campaigns. Given how simple and easy it is to do, there’s never a good reason not to leverage a competitor’s SEO success to further your own. Companies should be mindful of the fact that this tactic is used by several top-rated SEO firms.

Assess Keyword Density

You can take this process a bit further by learning more about the onsite optimization strategies your competitors are using. After you’ve identified the most effective keywords in their campaigns, check their onsite content to determine keyword density. This gives you an idea of how often you should use similar search terms in your own content.

Identify Consumer Interests

One of the major benefits of keyword research is the ability to gain greater insight into the minds of your targeted customers. This can be helpful if you’re facing difficulty moving past your own use of industry jargon to structure campaigns, which reflect how your targets actually speak. By identifying long-tail keywords, you can learn more about the questions your prospects currently have and create needs-specific content to increase traffic.

Determine Which SEO Mediums Are Working Best

In addition to learning more about how often keywords are used, you can also identify exactly how these are being used. You may find your competitors using top-performing keywords more frequently in photo captions, link-building, and video descriptions, rather than in articles and blog posts. Not only does this provide more insight into what’s working with search engines, it also gives a better understanding of the content your targeted market is currently pursuing.

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