How Links Can Impact SEO

The Effect of Links on SEO in San Diego, CA

Links are an important search engine ranking factor, but some links matter more than others. There are also some linking strategies you should avoid if you want your site to perform well on search rankings. San Diego search engine marketing professionals discuss how links affect SEO.

Links in the Content Matter More Than Links in the Footers

Links in the footer will always be on every page, but links in the content are specifically chosen and placed. As a result, content links usually carry more weight. Links in the primary navigation on the side or top of a page also carry more weight than footer links.

Links Impact Search Engine Rankings

Google’s algorithm seems to prefer links that are accessible to site visitors. Links in small fonts near the bottom of a page that most visitors will overlook won’t help you as much as large, obvious links in your content or on the top of your page. However, your top priority should be to create helpful and appealing content for your visitors so you don’t overwhelm them with several links.

Text Links Perform Better Than Image Links

Google tends to understand text links better than image links. Also, when two links on a page direct to the same URL, Google only considers the first link. In addition to image links, many websites also have keyword-filled captions that link to different webpages. Google will only consider the image link because it’s the first to appear on the page.

Using the Same Link and Anchor Over and Over Might Result in a Penalty

Just like keyword stuffing will get you penalized, spamming the same link and anchor text over and over on every page of your website can get you in trouble. It’s better to include links naturally than to stuff your site with links to try to manipulate SEO algorithms.

Successful online marketing in San Diego or any other city in the world involves more than just link building. It involves creating comprehensive SEO strategies, something Saba SEO specializes in. With a team of professional web developers and SEO experts, we can create a customized search engine optimization plan, which includes responsive web design, high-quality backlinks, well-written content, and other services necessary to boost your online ranking. Call us at 858-951-1717 to schedule an appointment.