Is Organic Ranking Affected by Website Engagement Rates?

Organic Ranking Could Be Affected by Website Engagement Rates? in San Diego, CA

Over the past few years, Google has been focusing on relevant, high-quality web content. Since people are more likely to engage with content they find relevant, organic search rankings may now depend on website engagement rates. San Diego online marketing experts share a few details about this possible interdependence.

Google Measures “Dwell Time”

Google previously blocked websites where visitors only stayed for a few seconds before going back to the search engine results page. The search engine considered this “dwell time” to check for clickbait scams, and it is still being monitored to some degree. Dwell time is determined by looking at:

  • The amount of time users spend on a site and individual webpages
  • Website visits and conversion rates
  • Bounce rates

Bounce Rates Correlate with Higher Organic Rankings

Google says it doesn’t use bounce rates in search rankings. However, there is a clear correlation between the sites that rank highest and low bounce rates, suggesting bounce rates may be an indirect ranking factor. A study of 200,000 domains found similar results.

Conversion Rates Suggest Good Engagement

Other studies have found that after a point, time spent on a site doesn’t matter. However, conversion rates are still important. If your website visitors are taking the desired action, they obviously find your content relevant, and high conversion rates can be a sign of good engagement with your brand. Engagement can also affect other known organic SEO factors such as social shares and external links that point back to your site.

Website engagement rates can affect your traffic, which can also impact your organic search results when other factors are considered. To learn about how this correlation can affect your online ranking, get in touch with Saba SEO at 858-951-1717. As a team of experienced internet marketing professionals, we provide high-quality SEO solutions tailored for your specific needs. For over 10 years, our experts have helped businesses boost their online ranking, acquire leads, and increase website traffic and dwell time.