Is Alexa Rank Important for SEO Purposes?

Does Alexa Rank Matter for SEO? in San Diego, CA

Alexa Rank was originally a browser toolbar that kept a list of the web’s most trafficked sites. The toolbar has been around since the 1990s, but in 2008 Alexa Rank started using additional data from widgets, plug-ins, and other services to compile a more accurate list.

You may wonder whether or not you should be concerned about your Alexa Rank for SEO purposes. Experts at Saba SEO, a leading SEO company in San Diego, offer their insight on Alexa Rank and its importance in search engine optimization.

How Alexa Rank Is Determined

Your site’s Alexa Rank is determined by the number of unique daily visitors and the average number of page views over a three-month period. Alexa pulls data from browser extensions and sites that have the Alexa script installed. The system also gets data from third party sources.

Alexa’s ranking system may seem straightforward, but their data sources are questionable. The system isn’t clear about exactly where they get their information and where their sample groups come from. They have even admitted that the rankings past 100,000 may not be statistically accurate because of limited data.

Is Alexa Rank Important?

Alexa Rank measures web traffic, which is an important metric. However, that one piece of information isn’t a good representation of how your website performs overall. Other factors like bounce rate and user experience matter just as much for your SEO ranking.

Also, Alexa Rank tends to be biased toward those who have the extension installed. Digital marketers, web developers, and SEO specialists are more likely to install Alexa Rank than the layperson, so the rankings are skewed toward sites that people in the online marketing industry visit or control.

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