Why Net Neutrality Is Important for SEO Purposes

The Reasons Net Neutrality Is Important for SEO in San Diego, CA

Net neutrality implies that all online information should be treated equally irrespective of its source. It applies to the access allowed by Internet service providers (ISPs) and the fees they charge for that access. The ability to access the entire Web is important when it comes to SEO for your website. Here are a few reasons why net neutrality is important for SEO purposes.

Access to Content

Content can be posted anywhere online. If it becomes difficult for some users to access certain content, it could impact traffic and conversion rates. Net neutrality, on the other hand, gives all optimized content an equal chance of being seen by anybody accessing the Web.

Greater Competition

Serving different customers at different levels would mean a lack of competition. While this may seem like a good thing for marketers, it’s not. If you have to build multiple campaigns to target different consumers across a wide range of tiers, you’ll be serving fewer customers with each campaign, which could reduce your visibility.

Startups Face Less Struggle

Without net neutrality, negotiating fees with various ISPs could be a major cost for startups with limited budgets. With net neutrality, anybody can join the Web without having to deal with extra fees.

Site/Page Speed

It’s possible that a world without net neutrality could make the information superhighway inaccessible for some sites. As a result, other important SEO-related factors like page speed could be affected. Plus, there would be no easy way to fix it except for investing in a higher tier package.

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