The Impact of Pictures: What Message is Your Website Sending?

Website Image Selection

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m a visual person”? Probably enough times to realize that we are all visual people, and when given a choice between a block of text and a beautiful image, our eyes migrate to the image. That’s why, when thinking about the strategy behind designing your website, its critical to use attractive images that portray that you are savvy and care about our user and their overall experience.

According to San Diego web design experts, visual images are processed much faster than text, and this will help keep your user on your website. Show them your product, whether it is a beautiful bottle of wine, an electronic device, or an article of clothing. Images lend your website credibility because your user can see the amazing product that you have to offer.

But what if you offer a service? There are still many ways to use photos to your advantage. For instance, using clear, bright and professional pictures of customers smiling can give anyone viewing your website a sense of happiness and even trust. While you may not offer a tangible object, you probably hope that your service will leave people feeling a certain way, and that can be most easily depicted by the photos on your website.

Put yourself in the users’ place. Which companies do you trust? Whom do you buy products from and why? More than likely, when you visit these websites, you are greeted by a variety of beautiful images. The site has easy to understand navigation, and you can find contact information. There may even be a section about the company. While people love to learn the background of the company they are buying from, an image of the staff or a personal story from the owner with his or her picture can propel your business to the next level. It provides a face to match with the product or service, something that your prospective user can identify with, increasing feelings of comfort, which can often lead to a purchase.

An example of the power of images can be seen through today’s social media applications. For instance, Pinterest, a website that relies solely on the power of images, has more than 70 million users around the world. The user doesn’t rely on product descriptions or information about services, but rather pictures that relate to the company’s particular industry. It is starting to gain popularity among businesses, helping to build brand loyalty, while influencing purchase behavior of customers.

If we were visual people before, technology is shaping us to become even more so. And of course, with the emergence of infographics, we are now blending text with images to create a whole new kind of content!

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