Why Is SEO Still Relevant to Digital Marketing?

Why SEO Still Matters for Your Digital Marketing Strategy in San Diego, CA

Is SEO (search engine optimization) outdated? This has been a prominent tool for digital marketing strategy for years. However, it has changed over the years. The bottom line is that SEO is still relevant. The pros from Saba SEO, a premier provider of high-quality San Diego SEO services, explain why SEO still matters for your digital marketing strategy.


Back in the beginning, keyword stuffing, paid links, and duplicate content on different websites were all part of the SEO game some sites played. Now, your site will rank higher with original content, high-quality backlinks, unique keywords, and a secure site.


User experience (UX) is now just as important as the content on your site. This means a customer who has to wait too long on a slow site and then leaves will hurt a site’s SEO. This also means security matters. Sites that haven’t upgraded to the more secure HTTPS have their SEO downgraded.

Conversion Rates

Following best SEO practices always results in better conversion rates. This is because Google has deemed certain qualities are important in getting the customer to your site and staying there long enough to put an item in the cart.


Good grammar and spelling helps you rank higher. Longer posts also improve SEO. All of these details make your site look more professional, which builds instant trust for new customers.


SEO best practices give you a solid marketing foundation. SEO is about achieving results. Creating content that’s easy for a customer to find only helps your bottom line


SEO is free. It requires your time and energy, but you no longer have to hope a full-page ad or billboard will attract a customer. SEO will lead a customer to you. 

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