Why the Marketing World Would End If SEO Disappeared

Marketing World Without SEO in San Diego, CA

Today, SEO is considered essential to the success of any business that interacts with customers online. At Saba, Inc. in San Diego, we took a moment to imagine a world where SEO has disappeared.

Small Businesses Would Be Crushed by the ‘Big Guys’

SEO creates a level playing field where small businesses have just as much of a chance of getting their message to consumers as bigger brands with endless marketing resources. Without SEO, many small businesses would simply be lost in sea of websites and social media pages.

Marketing Dollars Would Be Wasted with Hit or Miss Campaigns

A world without SEO would mean that campaigns directed at certain consumers would be fairly hit or miss endeavors. The comprehensive analytics that goes along with SEO efforts allows for a better focus on very specific audiences right down to preferred geographic areas. Real-time results allow you to determine what’s working and what’s not so that adjustments can be made without wasting valuable assets.

Building Brand Trust Would Be Difficult and Costly

If there were no SEO, brand awareness would be a monumental task for any business that wasn’t already a household name. Establishing trust and name recognition sans SEO would be a costly effort that would heavily rely on national advertising and promotional events. SEO can be easily incorporated into any piece of content created to effectively drive traffic, create awareness, and build trust in a way that’s much more cost-effective.

Without SEO, the marketing world as it’s known today would surely end with consumers and businesses being caught in an ongoing disconnect. This alternate reality highlights the important of search engine optimization strategies in today’s competitive, and increasingly mobile, marketplace.

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