Why Are SSL Certificates Essential for a Website?

Importance of SSL Certificate for a Website in San Diego, CA

Google Chrome marks websites as “secure” or “not secure” to let visitors know if they need to be cautious when entering personal information. Sites marked “not secure” don’t have an SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, certificate. When visitors see this “not secure” tag, they may not stay on your site or become customers. The staff at Saba SEO, trusted providers of SEO in San Diego, explain what SSL is and how to get the certificate.

What Is SSL?

SSL certificates are files that ensure a secure connection between the browser and the web server. They encrypt the page connections to keep user data secure, which is especially important for websites that host transactions or hold user information. However, all sites can benefit from an SSL certificate.

SSL is made possible with HTTPS, which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS encrypts all of the data and communication between the browser and the website. Any information the browser provides will be turned into an unidentifiable code so anyone who tries to steal the information won’t be able to make sense of it.

How to Get an SSL Certificate

There are three major types of certificates. Domain Validated certificates are the fastest and cheapest. They don’t require any paperwork, but the certificate doesn’t display any company identity. Organization Validated certificates require you to authenticate your business and prove your right to request the certificate. These are more secure than Domain Validated certificates, but they take a little longer to get. Extended Validation certificates require much more verification and authentication. They’re harder to get, but they’re the most secure type.

To install the certificate, you first have to purchase it from a trustworthy source like GoDaddy or Comodo. Then, you’ll activate your certificate by logging into the site you purchased it from and following their steps to set it up. Finally, you can install the SSL certificate on your hosting server, which is usually an option in the Settings menu.

If you need assistance with getting an SSL certificate or addressing another website-related issue, enlist the help of a reliable web development company. San Diego is home to Saba SEO, and our team of experts can help you with web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and much more. To schedule an appointment with our web design experts, give us a call today at 858-277-1717.