5 Things You Should Know About Google’s Algorithms

Google Algorithms Facts in San Diego, CA

It’s no secret that Google uses certain criteria, called algorithms, to determine how your business appears online. Google doesn’t reveal exactly how it weighs possible ranking factors. Still, San Diego SEO professionals offer some insights on Google’s algorithms you should consider when planning your online engagement strategy. Here’s what we know and would like to share with you.

1. Natural Links Are Preferred

Links remain one of the main determining factors of your rank on Google. The emphasis now is on naturally acquired links. Paid links or links from trading or similar techniques won’t be considered. If your links are too shady, you can get penalized.

2. High-Quality, Relevant Content Matters

Google has adopted the philosophy that content should be useful to the intended audience and not just optimized for the sake of ranking high. Unique, well-written, and relevant content appeals the most to Google.

3. Meta Titles Should Include Keywords Searchers Use

The purpose of meta titles is to give Google a hint about what type of traffic to send your way. The keywords in your meta titles for each webpage should be similar to what somebody searching for your products or services would use.

4. Google Ranks Landing Pages & Speedy Websites

Google tends to prefer sites with separate landing pages for products or services. At the same time, the pages on your site need to be optimized for speed, preferably with the ability to display in 3.5 seconds or less.

5. Clarity and Info Labeling Can Help You Rank

Google’s management prefers as much clarity as possible. This is why you’ll likely rank better if your content is divided with descriptive titles and subheadings and your images and graphics are properly labeled. If labeling is done well, you may be rewarded by being featured in “Snippets,” the answers Google gives to the questions that searchers type.

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