4 of the Most Effective PPC Ad Extensions

The Top Most Effective PPC Ad Extensions in San Diego, CA

Ad extensions allow you to include more information in your ad than just the base ad copy. There are many extensions to choose from, but some tend to be more effective than others. When planning your PPC campaign, here are some of the most effective ad extensions you should consider.

1. Structured Snippets

Structured snippets have different headers to provide extra information about brands, amenities, styles, types, and other particulars. Depending on your business, you can choose the most relevant headers and then enter the values, which provide specific information about your service or product. An ad for a hotel may utilize the “amenities” header with the value being “pool.”

You can also create a custom schedule for your structured snippets. If you have a seasonal deal or offer, you can schedule the header to be deleted when the deal expires.

2. Call Extensions

The call extension adds a phone number to the advertisement. With so many people relying on mobile searches now, a readily-available phone number can help potential customers contact your business.

The call extension can also provide you with valuable information on call conversion and lengths of conversations.

3. Price Extensions

Price extensions are a relatively new addition to PPC, and they’re great for businesses that don’t charge product fees. You can add between three and eight items with a header and 25-character description. Google has predefined headers, including events, locations, brands, services, and product tiers.

When users see a price, they often pay more attention to the ad, so this extension can encourage your audience to visit your site for more information.

4. Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions let you display additional links below the base ad copy. You can display just the link, or you can add some text with more information under the link. When designing a PPC ad, having a sitelink extension encourages users to visit your site and provides them with specific information more easily.

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