Increasing Conversions by Enhancing Your Site’s User Experience

Enhancing Website’s User Experience to Increase Conversions in San Diego, CAEnhancing Website’s User Experience to Increase Conversions in San Diego, CA

You work hard getting viewers to your site, but your job isn’t quite over. Making your website easy to navigate is just as important as attracting customers. Good user experience can keep viewers on your site, giving you a better chance to convert them into customers.  The experts at Saba SEO, a premier web design company in San Diego, share these four ways to boost your website’s user experience and conversions.

Responsive Design

Mobile is king, and customers are using their phones to look at websites now more than ever. Making sure you’ve upgraded to a responsive design is essential to a good user experience. A responsive design allows customers to figure out how to navigate your site, get bigger views of items, and even purchase your products.


Whether on mobile or a laptop, a slow page is like shutting the door on your hard-earned customer. First, check Google PageSpeed Insights for a free check of your site speed. After gathering that information, check with your site provider to fix any slowness issues. You may only need to upgrade your service. Next, check your site. Compress your photos to make sure they aren’t slowing down your site. Fixing the speed improves the user experience as well as your search engine optimization (SEO).

High-Quality Graphics and Images

High-quality graphics and images upgrade your site, which is attractive to potential customers, and it also exudes authority. Google rewards sites that are professional. A well-designed site reflects the type of business you run. Make sure you use high-quality photographs and graphics for a professional look.

Bullet Points and White Space

Your website should be visually set up for easy navigation. Using bullet points and allowing for white space are two design features that make for a positive user experience. Don’t forget to make it easy for viewers to find the buy button. You don’t want them to have a credit card in hand and have trouble trying to figure out how to purchase your products.

Optimizing your website’s user experience can be crucial to keeping your business competitive. Whether you need a web design expert or a search engine optimization specialist, reach out to Saba SEO. As a leading SEO company in San Diego, we have more than ten years of experience in website design, online marketing, and search engine optimization. Our web development specialists can create a responsive and mobile-friendly website for your business that is sure to boost your online ranking. Give us a call at 858-277-1717 to talk to one of our website design specialists.