5 Tips for Improving Voice Search Optimization

How to Increase Voice Search Optimization in San Diego, CA

In the last few years, voice search has become a popular alternative to text search. Researchers predict that by 2020, up to 50 percent of all searches will be done by voice. To stay up to date with this trend, you should implement a voice search strategy for your site. The search engine optimization experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO firm, offer five ways to improve your website’s voice optimization.

1. Increase Your Website Speed

Page speed is an important factor for all types of search engine optimization, but it may be especially important for voice search. Mobile voice searchers are usually looking for immediate results while they’re on the go, so being able to provide fast results is essential.

2. Optimize Your Listings

The best way to optimize your business listing is to make sure all of your NAP mentions are accurate. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number, and keeping this information consistent ensures Google indexes your site properly.

3. Use Questions

Most people use phrases when they type out a search, but they ask questions when they conduct a voice search. Because it’s faster and more natural, users are typically more conversational with voice search than with text search. To optimize your site for voice search, you can focus on long-tail keyword phrases that may appear in natural language questions.

4. Optimize for Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is the text box that appears at the top of a search results page and provides an answer to the query. Because voice searches often ask questions, optimizing your site to appear in featured snippets is a great way to optimize for voice search. You can do this by creating an FAQ page or by answering the questions on your Google My Business profile. When you include questions on your website, mark them properly with H2 headers to help Google recognize them.

5. Test Your Optimization

You can test your voice search strategy by using a variety of different devices, including Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa. Determine where you rank for your common questions and how you compare to your competitors. Voice search is new and constantly changing, so you should test it frequently to see how your site performs.

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