How to Improve E-Commerce Navigation to Increase Sales

Tips to Enhance E-Commerce Navigation in San Diego, CA

You’ve worked hard to entice potential customers with SEO-driven blog posts, fabulous Snaps, and thoughtful content curation. You finally have customers checking out your site, but suddenly they’re leaving the site. How do you retain customers and lead them to the products that brought them to your e-commerce site in the first place? The key is to make the user experience easy. Most likely, your site can benefit from some small but effective tweaks. Here are some examples of e-commerce navigation to enhance sales, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a leading web design company in San Diego.

Minimize the Navigation Page

Minimize your navigation page to avoid confusing users. Consider eliminating your drop-down menus if you sell just a few products.

Reconfigure the Drop-Down Menu

For sites with a cornucopia of products, create a modern style menu with large letters and colorful diagrams to make it visually easy for customers to shop.

Utilize Subcategories

Some products could be placed in numerous categories, and customers may look for them in unexpected ways. For example, a sports-related t-shirt could be under the “t-shirt” category or under the “top” category. You could possibly have a third category such as “sports-related” items. Make sure you cover your bases.

Make Sure the Footer Is Detailed

A detailed footer can also help potential customers find what they’re looking for. By including links to shipping, return policy, and immediate access to their online account, customers have another way to get their questions answered immediately.

Include Contact Info

In the detailed footer, create a subsection for customers to contact you. Include all the possible ways customers can reach you. Make sure to include details like the hours the phone or live chat are manned or how long customers can expect to wait to receive an email reply.

Place the Search Bar in an Easy-to-Find Spot

Customers may leave your e-commerce site if they cannot find what they’re looking for. Don’t hide the search bar in a far corner of your site. Ideally, it should be right under the main navigation. The word “search” and a magnifying glass icon should be centered and prominent.

Modify Search Functions

Make sure the search functions account for misspellings, model numbers, brands, sizes and vague descriptions. Autocorrect is a useful tool to implement here.

Include High-Quality Photos

Good photography that shows every angle of your product is a must. A close-up function is also very customer friendly.

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