How Can I Use Google Trends to Strengthen My SEO Strategy?

Can I Use Google Trends to Strengthen My SEO Strategy in San Diego, CA

Google Trends can be an extraordinarily helpful tool when you’re working on your SEO strategy, and it’s absolutely free. You can input search terms, and the results will include graphs and data about those terms. Google Trends is both a time-saver and an idea generator. The digital marketing experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO service provider, explain some of the ways using Google Trends can enhance your SEO strategy.

Local SEO

Google Trends offers information on local search trends, which can help you target your SEO to include those local keywords.

Related Keywords

Google Trends includes keywords related to your initial keywords. You could create content based on those related keywords and beat your competition.

New Topics

Thanks to Google Trends, you can find topics related to your initial keywords. This valuable information can help you become an expert in your field. This is because customers will find everything they’re looking for on your page. The longer users are on your site, the higher your Google SEO ranking.

Images, Shopping, News, & YouTube

Google Trends also allows you to search images, shopping and news sites, and YouTube. Web search is always the default setting. This allows you to pinpoint your target market and create your SEO strategy based on these Google Trends reports.

Long-Tail Keywords

You already use long-tail keywords for your SEO strategy. Use this same concept when searching on Google Trends. This tool may identify some phrases that aren’t currently part of your SEO strategy. The long-tail keywords can also be in natural language form. Voice searches are increasing, and they’ll show on Google Trends as well.

Broader View

Google Trends can be viewed in many time frames, which allows you to check for emerging trends and help you see when a trend appears to be going away. Both results can help you adjust your SEO strategy.

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