How to Legitimately Drive Traffic to Blogs

How to Build a Successful Blog in San Diego, CA

It doesn’t matter how well written or informative your blog is if your intended audience isn’t finding it. The secret to legitimately driving traffic to any of your blogs is to avoid the temptation to stuff in keywords that have nothing to do with your content and focus more on creating engaging, optimized posts. Here are a few other tips from local San Diego internet marketing pros.

Choose Engaging Topics

Unless you’re going after a small niche audience, your content should be centered around topics likely to generate interest. See what people are talking about on Google Trends, BuzzSumo, Feedly, or on your social feeds, and find some topics you can legitimately work into your content.

Promote Your Blog Socially

Your blog shouldn’t be a standalone entity. These days, everything you do online needs to be connected to encourage sharing and promote your product via social media marketing, which means using your social platforms to alert followers when you add something new to your blog.

Create Eye-Catching Headlines

Most people skim before reading anything on a blog, which means you need headlines likely to convince browsers to stick around. A headline analyzer, such as CoSchedule, will give you a headline score to determine its likely impact. A few relevant keywords in your headlines also help drive traffic.

Check Your Load Time

Online audiences have a notoriously short attention span. According to one survey, readers expect a load time of two seconds. Blogs that take too long to load are likely to drive traffic elsewhere. Improve your load time by:

  • Removing unnecessary add-ons and using an all-one-plugin
  • Compressing images
  • Minimizing HTTP requests
  • Enabling browser caching

Even if you reach a point where you’re seeing an increase in traffic and eventual conversions on your website, readers will quickly move on if the content doesn’t remain fresh and engaging. The solution is to develop a posting schedule that works for you and take advantage of any metrics your blog platform offers to track results. To learn more about increasing blog traffic, or to create a content marketing strategy for your business, reach out to the online marketing experts at Saba, Inc. Through a combination of PPC, social media, and SEO in San Diego, we help businesses gain visibility in the online world. Give us a call today at (858) 277-1717 for a free consultation.