How Businesses Can Increase Facebook Likes

Improve Likes on Your Business Facebook Page in San Diego, CA

Establishing a social connection with customers is an essential part of effective online marketing these days. With Facebook, this means getting more likes and convincing people to check out your page on a regular basis–and enticing them to share what they find with their friends. Achieving this goal takes a little creativity, some fresh, engaging content, and careful monitoring of results.

1. Add Some Bells and Whistles

You’re not going to inspire likes if you don’t add some pizzazz to your page. In addition to your company logo, a blurb about your business, and necessary contact info, include:

• Links to your website and other social media pages
• Appropriate video clips and product photos
• Selected categories and subcategories best describing your business

2. Don’t Hit People Over the Head with ‘Salesy’ Content

Okay, so you know that you need fresh, engaging content–just don’t make it all about getting sales. You’re more likely to get likes if you post content that includes useful tips or information related to your services or products along with other content that’s not a direct sales pitch.

3. Be Consistent and Be Seasonal

If it’s appropriate for your business, pay attention to seasons with your content. Such content is often appealing to customers who are randomly browsing. The key to generating more likes is consistency, which includes:

• Establishing rules for what type of content is appropriate if you have employees helping out with posts
• Setting up a schedule for posting new content
• Reviewing comments and using the content of user comments as the basis for new posts, especially if there are relevant topics you’re not addressing that are being discussed by visitors to your page

4. Make Sure People Know About Your FB Page

A “Like us on Facebook” tagline can easily be added to your website, email newsletters, print ads, and even your business cards. Facebook also has social plugins you can use to promote your page on your other online platforms, including a handy “Comments” plugin that lets others comment on your FB content via their account.

5. Offer Coupon Codes, Discounts, Sales Alerts, and Contests

There’s no easier way to encourage likes then to offer customers a discount or make them feel like an “insider” by offering sale alerts prior to adding such info to your website. Contests tend to be especially appealing–and a great way to encourage visitor participation.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the tools Facebook offers to keep tabs on what’s going on with your page. For instance, you can improve audience targeting with Facebook Audience Insights, refresh your URLs with Facebook Debugger, and fine-tune your headlines with Headline Analyzer.

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